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Google: Better performance and search results with Rackfish

Google: Better performance and search results with Rackfish

“Dagens Analys” has published an article about the impact of performance on Google search results, and this is an often overlooked resource that we help customers with.

The article “This is how quickly your page needs to load to rank higher on Google” mentions that pages found on the first page load on average in 1.19 seconds and the time to first byte should be below 0.6s.

The difference between one front page location and others in Google search results is, of course, very big for driving business to the website, and many overlook this – but put effort into all the other details to drive traffic.

Each site is unique, so general advice is difficult to give, but we can help you with the basis for what can be improved.

Performance enhancing services for better search results

Analysis, how do you compare? Call +46-842 50 18 18 and ask for Johan and we will take a look!
Fast hosting – The highest quality of all compositions, and no overbooking leads to better results.
– Upgrade to a fast web host
Own server for best performance and control.

Hosting is often overlooked, many websites underperform due to poor operation. Despite large sums invested in building a website and perhaps large sums in ads to drive traffic to the website, you want to save on delivery of it. When ads lead to a page that’s slow, you lose visitors and business.

Read the article on Dagens Analys and then contact us and we can discuss what can be done!

If you are unsure what you need, let us test your website’s performance and give a review. Even better, we test your website’s performance for some time, it may have very variable performance when there is high and low pressure on the server which affects your search results. Often we find crowded sectors and can work with your developers to improve performance in both the web site’s structure (web agency or developer area) and its operation.

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