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#tioprocentsnallare – 2012

#tioprocentsnallare – 2012

Fredens Hus – #tioprocentsnallare

For Fredens Hus – “the house of peace” – located in Uppsala Castle (just below Rackfish’ offices) you can find exhibitions on human rights and Swedish peace profiles such as Dag Hammarskjöld, Folke Bernadotte, and Raoul Wallenberg.

Together with the agency Phosworks (also conveniently located in the same castle), they have created a campaign #TioProcentSnällare – ten percent nicer – which aims at making as many people as possible promise to become 10 percent nicer – and see what that makes for the world. Rackfish hosts the campaign!

Client: Fredens Hus – #tioprocentsnallare

Agency: Phosworks

Project URL:

Services provided: Hosting, Facebook Campaign, SSL-certificate