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Newsletter 2021-05

Here is a brief summary of the content of the newsletter we sent out in May 2021. To see the full newsletter, you can download

CDN Content Distribution Network
About Rackfish and our services

Better video distribution with two new CDN

Now we’re introducing improved capabilities to customize the CDN for your video distribution to meet the demands of your business. Rackfish is a unique video

Concert streaming - Bo Kaspers Orkester
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Bo Kaspers Orchestra Concert Streaming

Concerts with the highest quality audio and video directly from Baggpipe Studios is a concept developed in collaboration between   Reakt Live   and Rackfish.

Rackfish and our technology

Faster and larger storage

We are now expanding one of our storage systems significantly. The need for space is enormous and not least the video uploaded daily to our

Rackfish växer med ny medarbetare
About Rackfish and our services

Rackfish is expanding further!

Rackfish has expanded it’s business significantly over the past year thanks to increased demand for our hosting services and, above all, our Online Video Platform