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Cancerfonden – Fulhetskontraktet – 2010

Cancerfonden – Fulhetskontraktet – 2010

Project Description

Project Details

Yours and WWTBWA designed a campaign to involve women in “The mustache battle” or Mustaschkampen as it is called in Swedish. Most women have a hard time engaging in this campaign agains prostate cancer, since growing a impressive moustache in only one month can be both unwanted and difficult. The agencies came up with a way for women to support their partners in the struggle.

Users got to customize a contract for their partner, promising rewards in return for growing a moustache, via Facebook Connect it was possible to access his pictures to add a virtual moustache to set the goal, and then print the contract. Fulhetskontraktet as the campaign was called is Swedish for “the ugliness contract” – hinting that  this contract makes it okay even if the significant other really doesn’t enjoy their man in moustache.

Client: Cancerfonden – Mustaschkampen

Agency: TBWA|Yours

Campaign Hosting: Facebook|Pro Bono

Project URL:  #

Services provided: CDN, Other