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Sportwire – 2011

Sportwire – 2011

Project Description

Project Details

Sportwire has set out to build a sports portal, collecting video clips from any sport via mobile phones. Rackfish has planned and produced a scalable platform to deliver both the website and the video. We have worked together with the developers and tied together functionality from quite a few vendors and suppliers, and constantly monitored and delivered plans for taking the platform further.

Technical description: We’ve used a lot of different technologies for the video delivery, ranging from Kaltura Video Platform, Rackfish’ own Sitestorage with Wowza functionality as well as Amazon CloudFront delivery and Heywatch cloud based transcoding services. Rackfish has also provided banner as well as VAST compliant video advertising based on OpenX. In addition to that, we also manage the hosting of Drupal servers that power the platform.

Client: Sportwire

Agency: Phosworks

Campaign Hosting: Logistics & other|Managed Hosting

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Services provided: CDN, Database, Servers, Domains, Edge Servers, Managed servers, Production, Sitestorage, Transcoding, Video Encoding, Virtual Servers