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Médecins Sans Frontières / Metro

Médecins Sans Frontières / Metro

Healing a sick world 2011

Hosting of campaign signed by Acne for Medecins Sans Frontiers Sweden and the Swedish edition of Metro where articles in the paper focused on health-care issues such as measles, malaria and pneumonia – diseases that usually are easy to treat with the proper resources.

Together with the articles and social media publicity a site with a webshop for virtual band-aids, a competition for best band-aid design and the possibility to band-aid your Facebook image drove people to pitch in money for MSF’s work. This was another of the several pro-bono projects we cooperate with.

Client: Médecins Sans Frontières / Metro

Agency: Acne Advertising

Campaign Hosting: Hosted Campaign|Managed Hosting|Pro Bono

Services provided: Managed servers, Virtual Servers