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The Light Up – Nacka Strand – 2014

The Light Up – Nacka Strand – 2014

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Welcome to house #13, in the Nacka harbour. Here you find 95 windows, 1818 LED lights, connected by nearly two kilometres of cable. This translates into a 5000 square meters big light sequencer!

In an impressive show of light and colours, on the 21st of December, the darkest night of the year, at exactly 16.00 hrs, the sequencer was released for download and anyone using the sequencer could decide how these 95 windows would light up and in what colour, with added sound.

In a great collaboration together with friends at B-Reel, Graviz, Plan 8 and Obscura Digital we took on an inspiring challenge for the Carlyle group: to execute a vibrant light show in a 5000 sqm empty office building by the inlet to Stockholm, defying the darkest night of the year and bringing life and light into the area.

Rackfish did the live streaming for 7 hours, with our now famous low-latency streaming platform.


Agency: B-Reel

Campaign Hosting: Hosted Campaign|Live Streaming

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Services provided: Nacka Strand