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Load balanced hosting of Candy Crush Saga

Load balanced hosting of Candy Crush Saga

The website for the smash-hit game Candy Crush Saga is, as many other King sites, hosted on the collaborative social cms XCAP. Rackfish hosts this and many other traffic-intense sites in a load balanced setup of XCAP delivered by our friends at Josh.

The sites are delivered from a cluster of web servers behind our load balancing technology to provide both the performance required as well as uptime. Rackfish also provides our extended SLA services where 24/7 monitoring and action with short notice is included. With the amount of traffic received, having the sites load balanced is a very good recommendation.

Some of the sites we host for King:


Load balanced

The technology “load balancing” means usually two or more web servers that are placed behind another server, the load balancer, that accepts the traffic and distributes it between the web servers available.

If one web server becomes unresponsive the load balancer will start sending the visitors to those remaining. One solution Rackfish sometimes uses is to place a single server behind a load balancer. That way all traffic is load balanced and if the traffic increases, it becomes easy to add one or more web servers to share the burden. A load balancing setup is of course possible to achieve without preparations, but in that case it is necessary to redirect the traffic from the web server that should be balanced to the load balancer which could take a little while (depending on DNS-setting, time to live).

Client: King / Candy crush saga.

Agency: Josh

Services: Managed Hosting