Everything you need to know about
VPS, web hosting, cloud and other servers

We list the pros and cons of Web Hosting, VPS Cloud and Cloud Servers,
dedicated virtual servers or physical dedicated servers.

Web Hosting
shared hosting

Shared hosting works a bit like a hotel or an apartment.

Shared hosting is the easiest and cheapest way to run a website.

Just like in a hotel, much of the services you need are included. The hotel’s furniture, cleaning and reception correspond in a web hosting of pre-installed services such as WordPress, backup services and support from us at Rackfish.

The downside is that there are many people sharing a server, just like when it comes to apartments or hotels. You could be disturbed by the behavior of your neighbors. In the worst case, you end up in the middle of two party apartments and are involuntarily allowed to participate in the whole thing. Of course, it affects not only you but also your guests/vistors.

VPS, cloud or
cloud servers

A VPS or most cloud servers are more like a townhouse.


VPS and most types of cloud servers are more spacious than web hosting and can handle more!

However, most VPS/cloud servers do not have such strong insulation, so when the neighbor lights a fire, their heat spreads into your bedroom, which means that you may have a little difficulty sleeping. Compared to shared hosting, there are more resources, so it’s rarely a problem with neighbors, but if you’re sensitive, you might want to look at the next step.

As a rule, the service is not as strong. There’s demands for maintenance of the server itself – but on the other hand you have a great flexibility to control almost everything yourself.

virtual server

A dedicated virtual server has a joint performance & security.

A dedicated virtual server, as we at Rackfish define it, is a server with reserved and guaranteed performance. You won’t notice a messy neighbor. This is like a villa with an extra backup house!

One way to guarantee this is DRS. This magically lifts the messy neighbour’s house away to a neighborhood where it’s a little quieter and you can no longer be disturbed.

If your villa or server explodes, it’ll be all right! Without HA you have to build new and everything becomes a bit difficult. With HA, you’ll be up and running again in a neighboring house in a minute. Everything has been moved there and continues as if nothing has happened.

Physical server

A physical server is like living in a detached villa.


A physical server is the one that gives the least restrictions but it comes with a great responsibility and it is important to keep track of the costs.

With a physical server you get the last drop of performance yourself, always! It also means that you do not share any costs with others, which means that it can be expensive.

You also need to think about architecture. For an important service, you don’t want just simply one server, then you risk to lose everything if it breaks. Service agreements are important for quick action when something is malfunctioning. But if you have your own villa, you always have the final responsibility!


Web Hosting

VPS - cloud servers




Web Hosting

VPS - cloud servers



Suitable for websites that do not have too much traffic, are very advanced or are extremely critical to always perform at their best.

If the budget is critical, this is the natural choice.



Suitable for sites that have higher requirements or use up more resources. Here it is important to build correctly from the start to manage performance needs and carefully review redundancy.

A good entry-level option for stores, for example!



With both VPS and dedicated virtual server, performance can be adapted to actual needs. Start small and grow. More resources in the Christmas shopping season, etc. This is for everyone with flexibility, performance and security requirements.


If you have extreme performance needs, this can be the right choice. However, you have to plan for the future (what performance is going to be needed later) and build a more complex environment (how do we cope with network disruption?). If this is the right choice, you already know all this.


Rackfish offer

Web Hosting

Rackfish offers a good range of web hosting. We’ve done some things differently in our attempt to give our customers a five-star hotel experience.

We offer a data center, network and server environment that is outstanding for web hosting.

The web hosting servers themselves are redundant. For example, we’re up and running within minutes of a server having completely failed, all completely automatically. No single detail sinks a server, neither electricity, grid, emergency power, etc.

We use Cloudlinux and Immunify 360 on our servers. That means messy neighbors don’t make a mess of everyone. It also keeps online bad guys at an appropriate distance from your website.

Many of the most common problems with web hosting are managed, and our solution fits most ordinary websites where functionality is important – on a low budget!

Can be purchased monthly or longer with hefty discounts for longer contracts.

VPS - cloud servers

Since the definitions differ a little in the market, we lump these together.

We do not sell traditional VPS servers and cloud services as we think our dedicated virtual servers are better for everyone, you know what you are paying for and operational security is extremely good.

When it comes to Rackfish cloud services, or IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, it’s practically the same as our dedicated servers, but with two important differences:

Firstly, each customer gets access to a control panel – vCloud Director from market-leading VMware. Here you can add machines, change configuration and manage your own infrastructure completely as needed. Some servers may only run once a month while others run more frequently.

That brings us to the second point. These servers are charged hourly, which allows you to really save money by just having the required configuration running.

Dedicated servers

Rackfish dedicated virtual servers are sold both managed and unmanaged.

They can be purchased prepackaged and basically installed with monthly subscriptions, but for those who want to, it is also possible to manage them as cloud servers, see here on the left.

Our servers perform very well. For example, read about when we converted 7 cloud servers to 1 Rackfish server

If you need servers with relatively static needs (don’t need to change every month), this is the right choice.

Our dedicated servers have performance that is guaranteed, operational security that is better than regular VPS and cloud and better than physical servers.

In terms of price, it is still very reasonable, from 60 € per month and upwards.

Physical & Co-loc

Rackfish offers physical operation exceptionally when we have capacity available. Contact us and check! 

Our experience is that our other offerings – servers or IaaS, provide the advantages you are looking for in a physical server but without the disadvantages of a physical server. 

It’s in extremely few cases, one should choose something else, if even then… We ourselves do not use physical machines even for heavy tasks such as video transcoding or databases. Feel free to talk to us about why and how it works!

Co-location (operation of customer’s own servers in our halls) we don’t offer at all. It simply doesn’t fit our profile. Our own equipment has very high quality, extensive support agreements, high redundancy and extremely good remote control capabilities so we can handle 99 out of 100 cases from the office. With customer-owned equipment, we cannot assess this.