Web Hosting

High quality at every stage – here you get both good service and a fast working page.

Rackfish is the web hosting with quality adapted even for larger companies and organizations.

In addition to web hosting for web pages, we have Managed WordPress for extended security!

In addition, we have Streamio a video platform that works like a Content Management System (CMS) to manage the videos, podcasts and live-streams you make online. GDPR-secure and allowed to use in the EU.

Excellent Web Hosting from Rackfish

Web hosting built on the same professional operating platform that also delivers our advanced video services, Rackfish Live: Streaming and ultra low latency as well as our Online Video Platform Streamio
Highest quality at competitive prices. Rackfish is the registrar for domains and sells all services for a professional and secure web presence. We are based in Sweden with both the company and the servers that we own ourselves. No foreign cloud services need to be mixed in. Our head office is the north tower at Uppsala Castle, but we have customers in many countries. 
Web hosting

A selection of the customers we proudly delivered web hosting to:

Really good security

We use Immunity 360, which is a firewall for your website. It detects attacks and stops viruses as well as protect your site against intrusions and various security holes in systems.


Qualitative support

Managing outlays on credit cards and trying to figure out how dashboards work isn't suitable for everyone. Rackfish is happy to help you with this. Our support helps with everything from moving domains and websites or fixing those settings in DNS.
Call Rackfish support, we solve 99.9% of all cases within a few hours.

Fast and secure web hosting

Fast web site & high quality

Web hosting can be messy and unreliable. But never with Rackfish. We've built an enterprise-adapted web hosting that works for more demanding customers.


Through our control panels for subscriptions and management of services, you can do most things yourself - but we are of course behind with our popular support.

Highest quality

Our web hosting services are delivered on the same platform that we use to deliver our advanced video services. Video is one of the most demanding in terms of reliability and performance – take advantage of it for your web too!

Avoid expense management

With all services, from web hosting to domains and everything in between on regular invoices that can be paid with credit card or even direct debit, administration becomes easier!

Some of our packages

Choose from our packages to manage websites and video

Web Hosting

Easy. Affordable. Good.
From 16 € per month
  • Sitebuilder
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Web Application Firewall

Streamio Video Hosting

As a web host for your movies
From 49 € per month

  • Video player
  • Live streaming
  • Audio & Podcasts