Rackfish Live

Rackfish Live is a live streaming service for those who need help customizing how the broadcast is handled. Rackfish Live can be tailored to the smallest detail for different customers.

Flexible live streaming service

With Rackfish Live as a base, we can deliver streaming tailored to your needs. Streaming in HD or 4K with transcoding. 

Ultra low latency with less then a second delay for applications that do   not withstand long delay, such as auctions or other interaction such as gaming.

Rackfish Live is scalable and can handle many simultaneous broadcasts. In addition, there is an API for integrating functionality into Rackfish Live with other systems. The distribution can be customized in detail to the right markets with Rackfish different CDN choices.



Rackfish has its own servers for ingestion and distribution via our video-optimized network. Connect CDN for different needs such as high capacity in some regions, GDPR-adapted handling of personal data or pure custom solutions for your specific needs. Rackfish has extensive experience in distribution all over the world and as an internet operator we have the optimal ability to control and manage traffic.


Server solutions

Since different streaming servers have different characteristics, it is important to be able to customize this as well. Rackfish Live uses four different providers' media servers for a perfectly customized streaming for each case.


Integrates with API

Rackfish Live can be integrated into other solutions. Most commonly, it is used to generate new power keys for events, download and deliver settings for these streams, and download video players for publication.

Feel free to contact us for suggestions.



Rackfish Live can record incoming stream and automatically export to our video platform Streamio. Recordings can also be downloaded through web interfaces or APIs.


Transcoding & transrating

In Rackfish Live, the incoming video stream can be processed in different ways before it is deployed. Fully customized transcoding solutions, detail-controlled latency or specific output sources. Ingest with different protocols or via fiber.

Rackfish Live prices and packages

Rackfish Live can be customized in detail – three packages are shown below, click on to customize the packages further or contact Rackfish for quotes on other solutions.   Here you can see all Rackfish Live packages   we offer.

Basic package GDPR

Från 450
per month
  • 1 TB traffic/month
  • 0.025 EUR per GB
  • Nodes in Sweden

World distribution

Från 1990
per month
  • 1 TB traffic/month
  • 0.1 EUR per GB
  • Nodes all over the world

Customize yourself!

Från 450
per month
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Choose for yourself according to your needs
  • Flexible!

Rackfish Live has streamed for: