Ultra low latency

Rackfish Live – Ultra Low Latency – delivers stable streams to viewers with a very low, half a second, latency. Applications include auctions, sports betting and interactive applications – for mobile and web browsers.

Ultra low latency = shorter delay

Live streaming has a delay from the camera capturing the event until they reach viewers. Usually, this delay is between twenty and forty seconds. With low latency solutions, the delay is around 5 seconds and with ultra-low latency typically between 0.5 and 2 seconds.
Perfect for synchronizing a stream against reality!
Ultra-low latency
Rackfish globalt nät

Rackfish Net

Rackfish automatically optimizes all traffic across different suppliers and direct connections, resulting in a sharp improvement in latency and packet losses compared to traditional networks
- especially important for video.



Solution based on modern technologies
which works.

Live broadcast to computer and mobile

Works on Mobile and Computer

Through a combination of technologies, we deliver ultra-low latency that works in different devices, with high image quality.

Point-2-Point connection


Links for transferring low-latency and high-reliability video streams, such as between countries. Redundant solutions for extra high confidence can be delivered.

In-Store TV

In-store TV

Streaming to store, POS and the like with custom hardware as an alternative to costly satellite distribution when low latency is important.

A selection of customers who used Rackfish Live with ultra low latency: