Shared hosting - Web hotel

We’ve never been a mass-sales, low-price hoster promising everything for close to nothing. We build our services to be able to provide the quality our customer’s requests, even if it is a little more expensive in the short run.It’s all about service, speed and making sure your page is up when your visitors arrive!

It’s all about service, speed and making sure your page is up when your visitors come!

Three choices - all high quality

  • Managed WordPress Hosting

    Our best-selling WordPress package! Our WordPress hosting gives you STABLE and SECURE WordPress hosting with automatic updates, Web Application Firewall and much more options suiting anyone that considers their WordPress site’s functionality and security important!

  • Standard Web Hosting

    Our standard hosting offering is perfect for the smaller site, still generous in size and performance.

  • Extended Hosting

    If you have a larger site or more demanding content on your site, this extended package will suit you. It’s like the standard package, only more.

  • General information about our shared hosting

    If you want to know more, you can read all the technical details about how we built our high-quality web hotel.

    Learn more about our web hotel (Swedish) Rackfish

  • A noisy neighbor makes my site slow
  • If the server breaks - wait for repair
  • Local storage on regular disks
  • Bare minimum of network, disk and CPU performance.
  • Tenants don't disturb others
  • Servers with high availability
  • Storage with everything extra (SAN)
  • High performance on everything