Rackfish S3 Object Storage

A secure and flexible object storage without traffic charges. Perfect for those who need storage within Sweden with clear prices. Of course, it is compatible with the S3 API and no traffic charges.

Object storage for media, backups, and integration

Access to Rackfish’s reliable S3 media storage with high redundancy, reliability, GDPR compliance and compatibility. Our storage is built for the most demanding video applications – it makes it easy to handle other needs. Traffic via our optimized network and the possibility of services such as CDN or servers (e.g. media servers for video processing) make the solution complete.

S3 bucket storage
Media Storage

Media storage

An object storage built for media used by production companies, TV channels and our own audio and video services. Take advantage of our optimized internet connections, or connect to our CDN solutions for distributed access.

Swedish Dala horse

GDPR storage

Avoid concerns about legal issues with a Swedish storage solution based in Sweden. Rackfish owns the infrastructure and the entire solution is based in Sweden.

Hard drive object storage

Storage for integration

Support for the S3 API simplifies integration with many compatible systems or for the development of tailored solutions.

Working in a safe environment


Each part is built for extremely high reliability, without any "single-points-of-failure". Storage is spread out and duplicated. Network, internet and power supply are completely redundant.

clear pricing in four steps

Easy pricing

We sell ready-made buckets in suitable sizes, and don't charge for reading and writing operations, traffic or other hard-to-assess things. The cost becomes clear with Rackfish Object Storage.

heart in code

Backup storage

Backup systems often support S3 storage as storage media, making integration easy and an effective way to solve 3-2-1 backups with a copy offsite, but still in Sweden.

Simple prices

Our packages are simple and clear, nothing extra is added and customizations with CDN, servers and proxy servers are among our specialties.

250GB S3 Bucket

per month
  • 250 GB storage
  • No additional cost for read/write or traffic

1 TB S3 Bucket

per month
  • 1 TB storage
  • No additional cost for read/write or traffic

3TB S3 Bucket

per month
  • 3TB storage
  • No additional cost for read/write or traffic

10TB S3 Bucket

per month
  • 10TB storage
  • No additional cost for read/write or traffic

"Rackfish S3 storage is the most important component in the customization of the Streamio video platform for public sector GDPR requirements."