Server hosting

Our servers are delivered from our own cloud. We’re using the best technology we’ve found, and the virtual servers we deliver to our customers comes without the disadvantages you’ll find in dedicated servers and VPS, virtual private servers. Try us! Most who does don’t want to go back.

Advantages you'll want from Rackfish servers

  • Modular

    Get a low-cost server from Rackfish and extend it as you need. All additional services are optional. Choose SLA levels, performance, and management levels. Or manage the server yourself with full access.

  • Pre-configured

    No fuzz for your developers. What kind of server do you need? What applications, modules or configurations will you require? We deliver a server ready to be used.

  • Reliability

    We have tried hard. Our datacenter is top-notch, security, electricity and Internet connections also. The redundancy is excellent. That means that you, as our customer, will not notice if we lose an internet provider, the electricity goes black, or a server goes down. Rackfish is not build to compete with low-priced-VPS, we’re built to be what the most demanding clients need.

  • Managed Services

    Let us managed your servers. Fixed price, with lots of experience, included. We’re awesome, flexible and service minded.

  • Flexibiltiy

    Start small and grow with Rackfish. Scale up and down. Get assistance and advice on how to scale properly. Different agreements for varying needs. Rackfish clients’ stay since we deliver the right solution for their needs.

Entry-level server

A powerful but smaller server, perfect to start with and a suitable solution for those who grow out of shared services such as web hotels. Add services as you need:

  • More performance
  • Backup
  • Fast SAN-disks
  • Managed services – your personal sys engineer
  • Higher SLA (monitoring and 24/7 technician)

The basic-server contains:

  • 1 vcpu (small) – 1 GB RAM (non-overbooked – all yours)
    10 GB storage in SSD-accelerated SAN + space for snapshots
    333 GB data transfer per month

Call Johan at +46 8-42501818 to discuss a solution and a configuration and get a custom proposal!

Good server from:

SEK / $€ 595 / 95
  • Non-overbooked services - FAST!
  • Outstanding uptime!
  • Setup-fees waived on 12-month contracts