Start-ups and smaller companies

Hosting for startups is sometimes a whole different ballpark. 

To meet the demands we have developed a range of services that are suitable to start and grow with. For many companies, these services go a long way!

Domain registration and services for start-ups

Domain names for start-ups

One, or more, domain names are important to secure early. Partly because no one else should register “your name” and partly because it will be difficult to change the name later on.

At Rackfish you either register your domain name yourself via our 24/7 self-service. It’s cheap and quick, as soon as you make the payment (via credit card or bank giro) the domain is registered. Credit cards is faster.

If you prefer, we could set you up as an invoice customer instead and give you advice on domain names you want to register. We have around 1000 top-level domains you can register!

Domain, email, and mini-web

With a domain name, email is often the next service. It looks more professional to have your own account instead of anonymous gmail, hotmail or similar email addresses. 

In our smallest package, “Fresh Start!”,  you can create a nice landing page directly in our easy-to-use sitebuilder and set up an email address with aliases such as “” falling directly into the same inbox. 

Hardly costs anything and makes a big difference!

Fresh Start!

Domain, email, and web page
Endast 395 per year
A good start!

Full service

We are happy to help and set up domains. Counselling is included. Invoice with 30-day credit included. Renewal included – Full service customers’ domains are renewed until they are terminated, regardless of whether an invoice has gone astray!

Domain Self-Service

Search and register yourself among different top-level domains. Works 24/7 with instant registration!
Från 139 kr per year
  • Search yourself and select domains
  • Register 24/7
  • Easy-to-use control panel for your services
  • Add services as needed
credit card


If you want to manage everything yourself, we have really good tools for that, and of course you save on doing the job yourself. Our support is also available, so you’re not completely alone!

Full service domain

Help and personal service, by invoice
Startavgift 360 Annual top-level domain fees apply
  • Invoice with 30 days credit
  • Automatic domain renewal
  • Avoid managing credit cards and expenses
  • Feel free to give us a call for free advice!
Swedish hosting - Rackfish Based in Sweden

Swedish services

Swedish data centers. Swedish contracting party. Swedish contract. Swedish invoice. Storage in Sweden, on servers owned by Rackfish AB. Support that speaks Swedish and English. It is possible to meet us – we are located in Uppsala Castle!

Keep building your startup

Startup & Scaleup Package

If you want to go a little further right away, we have our “startup” package. This includes one domain and our Rackfish Builder page builder tool. Build your own page from templates or install a page prebuilt with some other tool in the web host. 5 email addresses included.

Scaleup is the next level for those who need more performance, more web page storage, or more email accounts (this includes 15).

Web Hosting, Cloud & Servers

The next step is often pure web hosting services. These are available in different levels depending on size and performance. For WordPress, we recommend Managed WordPress with really good features that saves both time and money!

Are you building a system, an app or something else? When it’s time to start operations, Rackfish can deliver servers and infrastructure to operate complex solutions. Talk to us about your project early!


Perfect for getting started!
1200 kr per year


For the growing small company!
2500 kr per year
  • Like the Startup package with more space
  • 6   email addresses
  • One domain is included!
  • Web Hosting 5GB Storage, 2GB Traffic

Web Hosting

More classic web hosting services, with quality!
Från 167 kr per month
  • Multiple packages tailored to different needs
  • Quality in every detail
  • Help to move
  • Wordpress-optimized hosting
  • Generous storage and traffic volumes
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