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Why might you ask? We want to collect statistics on visits to our website to see how it works and to find ways of improving it. We are also checking if you are a real visitor and not something that is out to mess with our stats, we hate when that happens. And we might from time to time use it to try to get you to revisit our site by showing some ads around the net, hopefully not too many though!


Here’s the cookies we use:

Name Usage Type Lifespan
_icl_current_language Language choice Persistant 1st part   30 min
cookie_notice_accepted   Remove cookie-bar info  Persistant 1st part   Persistant
siteVisitor Real visitor to the site Persistant 1st part   1 day
_dc_gtm_* Google Tag Manager Persistant 3rd part   10 min
_ga Google Analytics Persistant 3rd part   2 years
vv_session_id Lead generation Persistant 3rd part   30 min
vv_visitor_id Lead generation Persistant 3rd part   1 year
intercom-lou-* Chat / Support Persistent 3rd party 1 year
intercom-session-* Chat / Support Persistent 3rd party 1 week