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The company

Rackfish AB, registered in Sweden with registration number 556614-3243, provides hosting, streaming, CDN and domain registrar services. Rackfish is wholly owned subsidiary to Phosworks AB and is located in the same historical building, Uppsala Castle but on a separate floor of the 16th-century castle built by King Gustav VASA. Since we work with many of our parent company’s competitors we’ve always taken care of not getting into conflicts of interest due to that.

Rackfish goal is to deliver excellent quality and performance for the end customer, regardless if it’s an advertising agency, local industry, newspaper, webshop or a big world-wide campaign.


We’ve delivered web presence for clients since 1995, starting out with one server on a shelf growing into two data centers in Stockholm and Uppsala. We started discussing building a hosting company in 1998 but it took until 2004 before Rackfish was formed as a separate company. The next step was taken in 2009 when we changed names and profile on Rackfish to further emphasize the differences to the parent company. In 2017 we took the final step by moving from shared offices to our own offices on a separate floor in Uppsala Castle. We have a sales-office in central Stockholm as well, on Vasagatan 7.



Rackfish staff works directly with our platform and customer management. The administration is highly automized and we have outsourced everything outside our core – digital delivery! Another important philosophy at Rackfish is to have an extraordinarily high quality in our delivery. This might be more expensive, but gives us happy customers and less support. With over 500 customers in total, we still have a very high service level and usually no waiting time when our clients call!


We have the capacity to deliver small and large websites. Many of our clients are multinational companies and if our capacity isn’t enough we cooperate with selected suppliers. One example is our CDN where we cooperate with a very long list of companies, making it possible for us to deliver traffic locally in hundreds of cities around the world.  Sometimes we build hybrid solutions where our own high-quality hosting is combined with the capacity or close proximity from cloud services, whereas the quality and redundancy are controlled in our platform. Among our clients, you’ll find local companies, startups and some of the biggest brands in the world. We’ve worked with all sorts of scenarios, from the smaller cases up to huge, worldwide, campaigns with massive traffic.

Owners and Board of directors

Rackfish AB is 100% owned by Phosworks AB. Serving on the board of directors are Johan Olde (CEO Rackfish), Ola Diös (CEO Phosworks) and Samuel Green (CTO Phosworks). The board represents the largest owners of Phosworks AB.

How you can reach us?


Sales and Management: +46-8-42501818 | Support & NOC: +46-18-181800


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