Rackfish - The Campaign Hosting Experts!

Our passion here at Rackfish is to deliver the work our friends at advertising agencies, production companies, web-consultants, and PR-agencies create. We’re a creative partner for the last stage – digital delivery!

Campaign hosting... what?

  • More of everything

    Knowledge, experience, engagement, faster servers, plenty of room for your sudden success and good friends for your digital delivery, no matter where the audience is or what kind of experience you want to deliver!

  • A hoster on the agency's, campaign's and clients' side

    We’re committed to the campaign. By placing our selves on the same side as the agency work-group, instead of as a supplier, you have a new team player on your side. The campaign shall succeed. It must be working 24/7. That’s what Rackfish do

  • Anyone can deliver hosting

    Until you discover that they can’t. We have the references and experience from all kinds of hosting endeavors. We’ve worked with many of the best agencies, the largest brands, and some great campaigns.

A great host for your campaigns!

Our solutions can be configured for any applications and virtually any size of the audience. We bring knowledge and experience to the table and give suggestions on how to deliver successfully.

Saving money with predictable results

We make a plan for how to scale the solution if it is a huge success – and we save money by avoiding to scale if the traffic is handled well. We can mimic the reality by load tests beforehand, so that the client, you and we KNOW what to expect from the application and hosting.

Keeping an eye on it, 24/7

And this is what we do, even if it’s a weekend and the agency is lacking resources for 24/7 hosting.

So – let us hear about your project and suggest a solution, tailored to your project, the predicted outcome and budget!

Rackfish Campaign Hosting

  • Free advice!
  • Experience and dedication to the project
  • Solutions fitting your budget
  • Call us: +46 8-42501818