Streaming, video and CDN-services

Rackfish provides a large set of services to handle content and video distribution. No need to contact different providers for hosting, streaming, encoding, cdn – we’ll help you out!

Distribution of banners on large sites requires high capacity delivery. Rackfish can provide local or international delivery of banners, depending on client needs. We tailor the solution and use our own infrastructure, or a combination of Rackfish services and a selected CDN with a footprint that matches the needs, or we can setup hybrid cloud solutions to fine tune even more.
Live streaming is without doubt one of Rackfish’ premiere expertise. We can handle the whole delivery chain from logistics with fixed cameras (see below), through encoding/transcoding/transrating to delivery to the end user through our Sitestorage solution or though a CDN solution, all in accordance with the client’s requirements. With our tools, we can even offer: Live transcoding for Iphone/iOS, Flash, Silverlight etc. PVR functionality in live streams (let the user pause, rewind and go back forward in the live stream), Very low-latency live-streaming to computers and mobile devices. Recording of live content. Split recordings in chunks by command from the web and make those portions available on demand. Live streaming/recording of user webcams, and so on.
Store video with us and we will make it available on demand. Http-streaming, rtmp-streaming, encoding for various devices. Protected viewing in order to keep movies private or restricted is also available.
Wowza is a media server that is able to stream media onto most any media platform available, from web to tablets and mobile devices. Rackfish has extensive experience of Wowza, using it in multi-camera projects both on- and offsite, as well as setting up environments with multiple, geographically distributed Wowza servers for enhanced capacity. Wowza recording and solutions tailored for specific projects are also available.
For some of our projects, Rackfish has aided with on-set encoding. For instance, receiving a composite video signal from a mixer table and using our portable state of the art equipment, encoding it on-the-fly for delivery to CDNs in different geographical locations. Another form of encoding is our fixed-camera solutions where the signal is live-transcoded and transrated to lower bitrates for mobile devices and other low-bandwidth units before being distributed.
Rackfish has an extensive knowledge and experience of handling fixed multiple-camera solutions over several continents and in physically difficult locations, where weather and temperature can be an issue, Internet connectivity challenging, etc. We work with Axis cameras to provide reliable live video 24/7 from any location. Please click here and choose “Live Streaming” to see some of the work we have done!
To take the load of the webservers, Rackfish can take media- and other static content and send it to different distribution solutions, like CDN, etc. in order to speed up the delivery and improve on user experience.

Streaming costs

Depending on the solution we can provide bandwidth for your solution. The cheapest bandwidth is available when distributing from your campaign server. If you utilize our infrastructure such as Sitestorage / CDN or hybrid cloud solutions you will pay for both the service and the bandwidth, but your server(s) will also be relieved from that load, saving money on infrastructure needed. We will give you clear pricing ahead of a project, as well as help you with reasonable predictions on final cost, based on your figures. Rackfish will also work with you to produce a solution that is ideally suited for the project, both when it comes to keeping within your budget as well as using the best technical implementation possible.

Pricing examples

For an estimation of cost for transfered data from our streaming / cdn services, without any commitment, please contact us with the button below. We also sell “one-time-commit” levels for campaigns, and can of course provide pricing for monthly commitment

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