Service health and current status

Rackfish has the ambition to provide the fastest possible updates to any disturbances that occur in our infrastructure. Keeping the infrastructure up and running, delivering great availability is our main focus, but being transparent while we operate with degraded performance or availability problems is a matter of being trustworthy.

Status Update

Goto is a site completely separated from our own operations that is updated in case of service health issues



Twitter allows us to fast and easily distribute service health information. Follow us, or check out our tweets on this page, or on rackfishstatus.comTwitterstatus


If you need fast and up to date information on our operations you can subscribe to all status message updates on, choose delivery to your mail and mobile phoneSubscribe

Bookmark us! is an autonomous system, separated from Rackfish network. Be sure to bookmark it so you’ll find it in the unlikely event that is down. Visit and bookmark

Mail and phone

If we have a disturbance technicians need to investigate the disturbance. As soon as this is done we’ll report it. Please check before calling, since answering the phones take time we can use to solve problems! If we have a known disturbance that we are working on, our phone queue system will mention this before forwarding the call.Contact us