Additional supporting services

  • 24/7 monitoring and service. We will monitor your sites and servers with either standardized monitoring templates, or customized for the needs of your particular services. Technicians will respond to alerts 24/7, our average respond time is around 5 minutes and average resolution within 25 minutes.
  • Data safety. Our storage is highly redundant and meets very high standards of security and redundancy. We also store snapshots of all clients data for around 24 hours, as an extra service snapshots can be continually moved to a secondary data center. Our backup service is provided by PHD Virtual that backs up data and stores it in versions for a long period. All backup is stored in our secondary data center.
  • Services for high availability and disaster recovery. Some services need protection and protocols to handle the situation when it becomes available. Rackfish excellent infrastructure is a good start. With High-Availability a server becomes independent of a particular hardware, with load balancing uptime and performance is improved. We also provide advanced solutions using more than one datacenter, both active-active and active-passive.
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Our different SLA levels of service

Rackfish offers SLA A as a base Service Level Agreement. We monitor and act on any infrastructure incidents, 24/7. It is possible to report other incidents via our phone-answering service, which will be directed to the engineer on call. All work ordered outside business hours will be billed at 2500 SEK / hour. Infrastructure problems (such as internet connections, power feeds, storage networks or clusters) are never charged to customers. There is no monthly cost for SLA A. To learn more, click here
Customers with mission critical servers or applications should choose at least SLA B to get support outside CET business hours. In SLA B a support phone number is included, and tailored technical monitoring & resolution of incidents. Infrastructure is fully monitored, with technicians on call 365/24/7. Infrastructure problems (such as internet connections, power feeds, storage networks or clusters) are never charged to customers.In SLA B a support phone number is included, and tailored technical monitoring & resolution of incidents. SLA B costs 1950 SEK / month for one server, work off-hours is billed at 950 SEK / hour. Our average respond time is around 5 minutes and average resolution within 25 minutes.To learn more, click here
SLA C is based on SLA B, but has 2 discounted incidents (max one hour each) per month included, making it easier to budget the costs. SLA C costs 2950 per month. To learn more, click here

Managed Services

In our hosting agreements we do not provide any work with the server. This can be bought on a per-hour basis or through an agreement called managed services.With managed services you have the attention of our engineers – time for management, administration, tweaking and optimizing is included for a fixed monthly price. Monitoring and patching is included as well as advisory services.Using Managed Services, tasks are sent to our technicians who handle day-to-day administration, setup of applications, administration of users or setting up a new website or database.

Optimized performance

We monitor the performance of the servers, and can – within the managed services agreement – optimize the applications and provide feedback to developers on areas where code improvement will allow the servers to handle more traffic. We also provide advice on areas such as scaling the platform or software improvements such as caching.

Verified, higher security!

This year we have included a third party vulnerability checking from Tenable Network Security for all servers with Managed Services. This security verification checks for vulnerabilities monthly, and our technicians fix possible vulnerabilities or contact the customer if it is outside our scope of support. By using this verification, we can find security problems and fix them before any intrusion or breach of security is made.

Up to 3 hours of work is included in the agreement per month. This limit is not strictly enforced, though. With Managed Services, our wish is to give the best possible service.

Support hours

Our support is always available during CET business hours. Outside these hours we have 24/7 monitoring of our infrastructure. If you want special monitoring of your server or application, we have several SLA – Service Level Agreements that help you obtain 24/7 support all year round.

Load Balancing

With load balancing, visitors to a site can be divided between different physical or virtual servers. We offer load balancing as a service to distribute traffic. It could even be setup with only one server behind, as a preparation for adding more servers as needed. In addition, a higher dependability is obtained since the load balancer can avoid sending visitors to a server that isn’t responding.

Other Services

Among other services not included in the options list are: Hybrid cloud services, Licenses (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Wowza Media Server etc), Fault tolerance and other advanced solutions such as multiple datacenter hosting, both active-active and active-passive.. Please get in touch with us to discuss more options!

We offer Domain registering services, where we register a domain for a client, park it at one of our servers, and make sure it doesn’t expire – unless the client says so. To see more, please check on our Domain Registration Services.

We also offer Certificates. Certificates are needed to prove a website is safe. For instance, all Facebook campaigns need certificate. To learn more about our certificate services, please click here.

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