Managed Hosting for servers

Rackfish offers high performance managed server solutions for customers that require top performance, service and availability.  Our datacenters are built to offer the highest possible quality and availability using solutions and hardware from suppliers like Cisco and Dell.

Our idea is to offer more than just managed hosting. We will work on your projects as consultants, plan server deployment, error chasing, optimizing and work with developers to obtain a well working technological environment that is adapted to the task.

Servers in the cloud

Words like cloud, vps and others don’t say much regarding what is actually delivered. We are specialists in delivering both simple and advanced cloud based services. We have managed big and well known websites this way for several years. Low starting costs, complete service packages and flexible services as well as consultation are some of the advantages. Our cloud servers are from the beginning equipped with performance comparable to those in physical servers, but have the advantage of being in a very flexible environment – like automatic saving of data and redundancy.


We offer a limited number of services for co-location of servers, for instance when a server is to be moved or when Rackfish takes over the management and maintenance of a customer owned server.

Additional services

Rackfish has developed a package of additional services that make the management of webservices secure, simple and reliable. An example of one of those services is the “managed services”, where we are responsible for the management of the server, both configuration, maintenance and daily administration….

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Hosting packages

We specialize in providing tailored solutions for the customer, but we build everything from transparently priced components. Here are som suggested packages, call us to have them tailored for your needs.See packages

Additional services

Learn more about some of our services that makes you sleep well while we take care of your server. We offer hands-on management by qualified technicians 24/7 as well as automated services for redundancyHosting services offered

The Rackfish Advantage

Rackfish has extensive experience from hosting a wide variety of clients and has built infrastructure to support the most demanding sites, such as large campaigns delivered for world-wide brands.Why Rackfish?