A common situation for agencies is the need for several suppliers of services, such as hosting, on-location services, encoding, transcoding, cdn, text messaging (SMS) etc. This need adds to the burden of the work group.

Rackfish specialises in providing everything that is needed to deliver a campaign; be it hosting, 24/7 support and monitoring, transcoding live video for iPhone usage or delivering towards a specific market – We do produce a lot ourselves, but we also know exactly what services to buy externally to make sure the campaign delivers – One contact, one invoice!

Rackfish can manage campaigns with services delivered from public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services. A solution could be entirely built around a public cloud or as a “hybrid cloud” with services delivered from both the Rackfish cloud and other services. Please contact us for a discussion on how your solutions should be delivered, or specify your needs and we’ll get it sorted out

Even though we cannot offer any guarantees for an external provider’s infrastructure or quality of service, we can deliver our configuration, administration and surveillance services – giving you the best possible attention to your campaign 24/7, and a hybrid cloud solutions could be built in a very stable fashion.

Rackfish will deliver a combined invoice covering both the services delivered from Rackfish as well as the services delivered by the external provider.

Sportwire is an hybrid cloud example where we deliver services from several servers in Rackfish’ own cloud as well as utilizing other vendors such as Amazon AWS for specific funcionality. Sportwire gets one monthly invoice for all services. Click on the image for more information.


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Yes, you can use Rackfish and still get servers in Asia, CDN with coverage in Brazil or a camera setup in Mazatlan
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