What is Overselling?

Overselling is a term used when a hosting provider sells more bandwidth and disk space than they physically have. Most websites will not use all the resources allocated by their provider, leaving the provider with leftover bandwidth and space each month. Providers sometimes take a risk by selling the leftover space to other customers to [...]

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Hosting in Stockholm, Sweden

(c) miaikransen under Creative Commons Licence Rackfish has it's primary hosting location i Stockholm, Sweden - in the state-of-the-art Telecity II datacenter, and our backup location in Uppsala, 70 km away. Why do we host in Stockholm? Through the operator neutral datacenter in Stockholm we have the possibility to manage our own internet networking. We [...]

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Live streaming from installations

A challenging campaign production for an agency is when installations needs live streaming. Rackfish has been working with live streaming from remote rural areas in Mexico to Potter's Field  outside the mayor's office in London. In this article we provide some insights into how we have solved the delivery in cooperation with creatives from involved agencies, [...]

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Heartbleed bug – Security issue

As you might have seen in the news there has been a big security issue called the "heartbleed bug" the last couple of days surrounding OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a common software used for securing connections to and from a web server. If your server uses certificates, it's possible (or even likely) that it uses OpenSSL. [...]

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Streamio in Turkey!

(C) BY-SA 2.0 under Creative Commons In recent days, the government of Turkey decided to shut down YouTube service in the country. It is not the only country to restrict full access to the world's most popular video service. However, Streamio works perfectly there (and everywhere else) according to our customers! Read more [...]

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New General Terms and SLA!

We have updated our general terms and SLA agreements! Please check them here!

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Newsletter Gone Fishin’

As of today, all invoices will be accompanied by our newsletter. If you aren't yet a customer of ours, feel free to download the newsletter below! As of April we also publish a special "Streamio Edition" of our newsletter. January 2014 Download the English version by clicking the image! Download the [...]

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2013 – the year in review

2013 was a big year for Rackfish. Multiple hosted campaigns won many different international awards; Our expansion into the European market was steady, and we saw hosting jobs in Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, apart from the usual host of clients in the Nordic countries. All these by well known multinational brands like [...]

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Rackfish acquires Streamio

We are proud to announce that Rackfish has acquired VOD-experts Streamio. Through this acquisition, Streamio and Rackfish will gain a market leadership position in the Nordic hosting and video streaming industry. "Streamio has been one of the most innovative Video-on-Demand (VOD) providers in the Nordic market. They have always been extremely customer-centric and their online [...]

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Improved invoicing – Förbättrad fakturering

English Invoice periods We require payment for our services in advance. An improvement was made earlier, when we went from invoicing running costs during a month to automating the invoicing once per month. We invoice all contracts that begin the second next calendar month, e.g. we send an invoice on the last [...]

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