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4G/LTE live stream – Skoda

Live streaming three cameras from an area without electricity or internet, while recording and providing a constantly updated time-lapse from the event. And of course some campaign hosting and management of the entire campaign delivery was some of the tasks Rackfish was presented with for the "Byggd för att ta skit" (doesn't translate very well) [...]

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Storklon – Teknikföretagen

Low latency streaming is sometimes of great importance. Today live-streams are usually delayed with 20-30 seconds, or even more. For a regular meeting, concert, sports event or so, this could work out well. In fact there are varying latency in regular tv-transmissions as well. When it came to this case, that was not good enough, [...]

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  • Domestos Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Domestos, London

1.1 billion people worldwide lack sanitation. This is something the people at Domestos and renowned agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine. want to change by celebrating the yearly World Toilet Day. This year, a statue is set up on the front lawn of the London mayor’s office in central London. The statue portrays a person defecating. [...]

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  • Skittles TBWA Perfect Fools

Skittles, London

Rackfish delivered campaign hosting for a series of Skittle-campaigns during the autumn of 2010. In one of these campaigns, live video was transmitted on Facebook to the fans of Skittles. David Phoenix - the "hero" of this campaign - taunted his fans, challenging them to bury him in Skittles, and thus was enclosed in a [...]

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  • Mexico via Pacifico Creature Unit 9

Mexico Via Pacifico, Mexico/US

During 2010 and 2011 Rackfish took upon an endeavour that stretched across several borders, setting up cameras in both the US and Mexico The Mexican beer brand Pacifico wanted to expand in the US and together with Creature from Seattle and Unit 9 from the UK, they planned a campaign supposed to bring the "flavor" [...]

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  • Pacifico Rooster Alarm Perfect Fools

Pacifico Rooster Alarm

For the Mexican beer brand Pacifico, we helped produce a campaign together with Swedish agency Perfect Fools. The campaign was meant to give the viewers, mainly on the US West Coast, a "taste" of Mexico. A real life rooster was put in a pen, that was painted [...]

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