­ – Taxi Stockholm – 2014

A new type of tourist guide, based on GPS data from the over 8 million trips Taxi Stockholm make every year. The bright areas on the map show the most popular places visited. One can also filter the information based om taxi rides from different areas of town, weekends/weekdays or hour during the day. The [...]

Nattjouren – 2013


Stockholms Stadsmission - a non profit organization - took to technology this year, as their Nattjouren was displayed live. Their mission is to go out every night before Christmas and find people that live on the streets, either out of poverty, drug problems, etc. They help the people they find to hospitals, shelters, give them [...]

Brothers Quiz Show – 2013

A novel quiz show format on tour through 11 cities in Sweden. "Style is much more than just clothes. Brothers Quiz Show is an hommage to knowledge. We believe that knowledge itself creates security, and when you feel secure - you automatically become attractive". Words from Kristofer Eidelöf, brand manager at Brothers. The questions in [...]

Apollo Åkestam Holst Yours

Apollo – Visning Pågår – 2010

Campaign for travel company Apollo, a Kuoni brand, showing off hotel rooms the way real-estate brokers show their properties.

Managed Campaign Hosting for Guldägget / Komm! Forsman & Bodenfors and Yours

Guldäggspodden – 2013


Rackfish provides hosting for the campaign podcast "Guldäggspodden", which promotes Guldägget (The Golden Egg, Swedens largest advertising competition which turned 50 years a couple of years ago). The campaign is a podcast where Sara Haag meets and discusses advertising and communication with people from the advertising industry.

Vattenfall Lowe Brindfors Yours

Vattenfall – King of the slope – 2011

King of the SlopeA very complete app for logging and analyzing your downhill activities, as well as comparing with friends together with a site for logging and storing the activities during a skiing day created by Lowe Brindfors and Yours.

Super Shuttle Acne Yours

Superhuttle – 2012

A Facebook campaign to help spread information about Flygbussarna - Airport Coaches AB and their effort to impulse shared riding to and from different airports in Sweden under the brand Super Shuttle. Campaign produced by Acne and Yours.

Philips Ahlstrand & Wållgren Reklambyrå / Yours

Philips – Feel more TV – 2012

Campaign for Philips TV sets that give a greater experience with ambient light, two-sided remote and lots of other smart functions, signed by Ahlstrand & Wållgren Reklambyrå and Yours.

Rackfish Lufthansa

Lufthansa – Relationsresan – 2010

We're sure you've got tons of great friends on Facebook - but how well do you actually know each other? We mean, like really know each other? Who do you know? And who knows you the best? Would you be able to take a trip together - and how far would you come? With Relationsresan [...]

Fisherman's Friend Shnel & Melnychuck & Forsman & Bodenfors / Yours

Fisherman’s Friend – Adventure – 2011

The adventure starts on a random Facebook profile, anywhere in the world. By jumping to another friendship-linked profile, and another after that, your aim is to travel across the seven digital seas of Facebook, in pursuit of one of your own friends. One lucky winner got a trip for two, exactly like the one they [...]

Cancerfonden WWTBWA, Yours

Cancerfonden – Fulhetskontraktet – 2010


Yours and WWTBWA designed a campaign to involve women in "The mustache battle" or Mustaschkampen as it is called in Swedish. Most women have a hard time engaging in this campaign agains prostate cancer, since growing a impressive moustache in only one month can be both unwanted and difficult. The agencies came up with a way for women [...]

AMF Forsman & Bodenfors / B-Reel / Yours

AMF – Framtidsresan – 2011

In this Facebook campaign you get a postcard from yourself, old and wrinkled. Forsman & Bodenfors teamed up with B-Reel and Yours to create a Facebook campaign where you could upload pictures of yourself and a friend, place the pictures on your dream vacation spot and have it digitally modified to show you both in [...]

Preem Forsman & Bodenfors / Yours / Solidtango

Preem – Evolution diesel – 2012

To launch Preem (Sweden's largest Oil-company) new Evolution Diesel with reduced emissions, agency F&B came up with a campaign where anyone could borrow a car filled with the new Diesel for 24-hours and use it to drive between 9 cities in Sweden. To make it a little more interesting the car was equipped with GPS [...]