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Boredomride – Casumo – 2014

How boring is it to ride in a cab? According to Casumo, a casino company, pretty boring. So they installed cameras in a few taxis in Norway and through advanced facial feature algorithms, they could calculate how people were bored during a ride. The time they were bored, was returned to them in cash! The [...] – 2014

Instagram a selfie and win nice prices in this campaign by Perfect Fools for Swarovski! The website is built around social media, with special functionality where the user can share a "wish-list" of Swarovski products!

KFC Russia – 2014

KFC Russia enabled its customers to be one click away from stardom by inviting them to star in a TVC, thanks to Perfect Fools’ movie-making machine. For the launch of its new Bacon iTwister, KFC restaurants in Moscow and St Petersburg were transformed into film studios with the installation of a fully-automated, movie-making machine called [...]

CNN 15s Rackfish Heimat Berlin

CNN 15s Debates – 2013

Rackfish hosts a groundbreaking project for CNN with media partners (among them Expressen in Sweden), where political parties in the German elections can perform in 15 second debates against each other. One of the media partners from anywhere in Europe asks a question, and each of the political parties have 15 seconds to answer or [...]

Converse EMEA – 2013

Rackfish has been working with hosting for multinational corporations, handling both campaigns and country specific corporate and brand sites. A great example is the new group of Converse brand sites that has been designed and developed by Perfect Fools. Rackfish has been hosting various campaigns for Converse since 2009. Since spring 2013 we are rolling [...]

Swisscom campaign for Samsung S4

Swisscom – All eyes on S4 – 2013

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Campaign for the new Samsung S4 signed Heimat Berlin and Perfect Fools for Swisscom. At the Zürich Bahnhof train station, an installation with dual videocameras records visitors that compete live for a brand new Samsung S4 telephone. The video is delivered on the campaign site as well as on video-banners in major Swiss media. Rackfish [...]

Naked Communications / Perfect Fools / RFSU Kondomkampen

RFSU – Kondomkampen – 2010

For Naked Communications and Perfect Fools, Rackfish hosts the video backend based on Wowza for Kondomkampen for the largest Swedish condom brand RFSU.

Yota Lovepost Tesch Perfect Fools

Yota Lovepost – 2010

A site for Valentine's Day, where you could show your love in a way considered romantic by some and less so by others, namely a special tattoo! Choose a hot design and apply your very own message. Then snap a photo with your webcam and you'll get a very special framed picture for you loved [...]

Volco Cars Perfect Fools

Volvo Cars – Switch to Pure – 2012


Campaign for Volvos new D60 Diesel Plug-in-hybrid by Perfect Fools.

Unibet campaign hosting Perfect Fools

Unibet – campaign hosting – 2009 (ongoing)

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Rackfish has been hosting av wide variety of campaigns for several years in cooperation with agency Perfect Fools. Rackfish has provided a setup of several servers available for quick access to setup campaigns as well as management, monitoring and additional services (streaming, domains and certificates to mention a few).

Swarowski Perfect Fools

Swarowski – Campaign Hosting – 2012

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For agency Perfect Fools, Rackfish provides a setup of several load balanced servers available for quick activation of new campaigns. The setup is available for the agency to setup campaigns quickly as needed - Rackfish provides managed hosting and is available at short notice to support, manage, administer the servers, or provide certificates for Facebook campaigns, campaign domain registration [...]

Rackfish Skittles David Phoenix Perfect Fools

Skittles – Dazzle the Rainbow – 2010

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Rackfish delivered campaign hosting for a series of Skittle-campaigns during the autumn of 2010. In one of these campaigns, live video was transmitted on Facebook to the fans of Skittles. David Phoenix taunted his fans and was enclosed in a glass box that was filled with Skittles. More Skittles were poured into the glass box [...]

Rackfish Polisen

Rikspolisen – Kom till oss – 2009

Campaign signed Granath Euro RSCG for Swedish police addressing violence in close relationships.

Rackfish Rooster Alarm Perfect Fools Creature Pacifico

Pacifico – Rooster Alarm Clock – 2009

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The idea is complex enough: Deliver a screensaver application, as well as a website with a live view of the “Pacifico rooster” in a Mexican environment. An iPhone app was made as well. Rackfish was involved in the early planning of the project – from technical implementation and solution to logistics. Location scouting was made [...]

Nikon Perfect Fools

Nikon – Nikon 1 – 2012

Release campaign for Nikon 1 created by Perfect Fools.

Nestea Coca Cola Widen + Kennedy Perfect Fools

Coca-Cola – Nestea Start-o-Matic – 2011

Invite a bunch of friends to help get someone you care about started on something. Get together and contribue photos, messages and videoclips and have Start-o-Matic  to assemble this with graphics and music into a film that gets delivered to your friend. Created by Wieden+Kennedy and Perfect Fools.

McDonald's Perfect Fools / Happy Fiction

McDonald’s – Dreaming in mono – 2010

Dreaming in Mono is a 60-minute drama told primarily over seven episodes. It is being broadcast on four TV networks in the Nordic region and across multiple digital channels including, Twitter and Facebook. The film is supported by Mono Madness, a downhill skiing viral game. Rackfish provided fully managed campaign hosting with load balanced [...]

Converse Perfect Fools

Converse – various campaigns – 2009 (ongoing)


Rackfish has been hosting a cluster of servers handling a wide variety of campaigns, blogs, apps and more for Perfect Fools and end client Converse.

Citroen Euro RSCG Amsterdam, Perfect Fools

Citroën – Twitter Race – 2011


This is the world’s first Twitter race. Anyone with a Twitter account could get involved and instructions were delivered with the hashtag # DS5race. Perfect Fools and Euro RSCG Amstedam (now Havas Worldwide Amsterdam) created the campaign. On the Facebook page, on-board cameras showed what was happening in the car and Google Maps showed the [...]