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Blocket: Sommarbilstestet – 2014

In this campaign by Jung & Ardentic, the user answers five simple questions and an app tells the user which car he or she should use during the summer. Depending on the answers, the suggested car can be a convertible, a hipster car or anything in between! Blocket.se is Sweden's biggest marketplace for used cars. [...]

Adidas campaign hosting

Adidas Football Tribes – 2014

In this campaign for Adidas, Jung Relations teamed up with State interactive to promote "Battle of the Nordics" a cup on Adidas Battle Ground in Stockholm where young talents get to fight together with some of the best Swedish football players. Rackfish has been hosting Adidas campaigns for several agencies: Jung, State Interactive, Sid Lee, [...]

Adidas campaign - design jersey

Campaign for Adidas #visafärg – IFK Göteborg – 2014

Fast running campaign for Adidas where the visitors were invited to show what IFK Göteborgs new jersey should look like. The campaign was integrated with the release of the new match jersey in radio Mix Megapol and was a part of the 2014 #Visafärg campaign where the supporters push IFK Göteborg brand in social media.

Campaign hosting Facebook

Lindt Hello – Facebook campaign – 2013

For the Swiss chocolate brand Lindt, we hosted a Facebook campaign called Lindt Hello. The whole idea was to give away chocolate bars - 200 per day - to unknown users via Facebook. Jung Relations was behind the campaign and Rackfish hosted the server for the Facebook campaign.

Rackfish Adidas Vi bakom Skölden

Adidas – Vi bakom skölden – 2013

When the Swedish national soccer team changed uniform, a campaign was created called "Vi bakom skölden", e.g. "We behind the shield". The new uniform to be worn by the Swedish soccer team was made by Adidas, using special materials to allow for special cooling features. But the campaign is also made to bolster the feeling [...]