Björn Borg - Nudeclear power

Björn Borg – Nudeclear Power – 2014

Björn Borg says Ja! to Nudeclear Power New campaign for Björn Borg - Nudeclear Power is hosted by Rackfish for Garbergs. The campaign supports Love Commandos, an Indian organization providing shelter for lovers that want to marry for love instead of for family and traditions. Campaign by Garbergs and Kokokaka with Bsmart

Nattjouren – 2013


Stockholms Stadsmission - a non profit organization - took to technology this year, as their Nattjouren was displayed live. Their mission is to go out every night before Christmas and find people that live on the streets, either out of poverty, drug problems, etc. They help the people they find to hospitals, shelters, give them [...]