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Kan jag träna? – Apoteket – 2014

A campaign made for the Swedish drugstore chain Apoteket by Forsman & Bodenfors, that answers this simple question: Can i work out? By klicking on a symptom, the site tells you if it is adequate to work our or not, and if it is, what precautions to take. Rackfish already hosts a campaign for Apoteket [...]

Rackfish Black Marabou Tommy Nilsson

Marabou – Tommy Nilsson “Black” 2013

Former teen heartthrob Tommy Nilsson unexpectedly said he was changing his name to "Black" to return to his roots. In the 80's he was lead singer of the Swedish metal band Easy Action. When the band split, he began singing ballads, and even represented Sweden in the Eurovision song festival in 1989. In March 2013, [...]

Rackfish Hockeykiosken Sveriges Radio

Sveriges Radio – Hockeykiosken 2013

Managed Hosting for the Swedish Radio's (Sveriges Radio) campaign to make more people use their apps by traveling around Sweden in a mobile "sweet shop" and offering popcorn and soda.

Managed Campaign Hosting for Guldägget / Komm! Forsman & Bodenfors and Yours

Guldäggspodden – 2013


Rackfish provides hosting for the campaign podcast "Guldäggspodden", which promotes Guldägget (The Golden Egg, Swedens largest advertising competition which turned 50 years a couple of years ago). The campaign is a podcast where Sara Haag meets and discusses advertising and communication with people from the advertising industry.

Sanningslinjen IF Forsman Bodenfors From Stockholm with Love

IF Sverige – 2012

A site with a campaign containing hundreds of real clients to Swedish insurance giant IF. Select a type of claim and find real-life people who have been in touch with IF''s claims department, who can be contacted to get a testimonial. Rackfish handles hosting and managed services for the campaign.

Rackfish Kampanjhosting Svenska Kyrkan

Svenska Kyrkan – Allt för att utrota hungern – 2011


The national Church of Sweden used the Swedish branch of Ebay - "Tradera"  - for a campaign where the proceeds went to charity - to erase hunger from the world. Rackfish provided server capacity for the banner campaign driving traffic to auctions, where api-calls to the auction platform was made to store data from the [...]

Forsman Bodenfors Thomson Interactive Stena Line

Stena Line – Roadtrip – 2012

Campaign web supporting a series of television ads that Swedish ferry operator Stena Line ran 2012.

Rackfish Kalles Kaviar

Kalles Kaviar – Äggstafetten – 2012

A great honour for a Swedish company to host possibly the most Swedish brand of them all. Ask any Swede, it's not Ikea, Abba or Volvo - it is Kalles Kaviar, the caviar Swedes love to eat with eggs, mayo or even cheese.

Ikea Forsman Bodenfors

IKEA – Earth Hour – 2012

Ikea campaigning for Earth Hour, making it possible for Facebook users to not only shut down their light during earth hour but also dim their Facebook profile picture.

If Norge Forsman Bodenfors

IF Norge – Bilnokkelforsikring – 2011

Campaign for car insurance on Facebook for the Norwegian market by Forsman & Bodenfors for IF Skadeforsikring.

Bic Forsman & Bodenfors

BIC – Competition Norway – 2012

Competition based on Rackfish Facebook campaign services, which via wildcard certificates and existing domains shortens the time it takes to launch a Facebook campaign.

AMF Forsman & Bodenfors / B-Reel / Yours

AMF – Framtidsresan – 2011

In this Facebook campaign you get a postcard from yourself, old and wrinkled. Forsman & Bodenfors teamed up with B-Reel and Yours to create a Facebook campaign where you could upload pictures of yourself and a friend, place the pictures on your dream vacation spot and have it digitally modified to show you both in [...]

Preem Forsman & Bodenfors / Yours / Solidtango

Preem – Evolution diesel – 2012

To launch Preem (Sweden's largest Oil-company) new Evolution Diesel with reduced emissions, agency F&B came up with a campaign where anyone could borrow a car filled with the new Diesel for 24-hours and use it to drive between 9 cities in Sweden. To make it a little more interesting the car was equipped with GPS [...]